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Crash-Rated Static Bollard
Lorry driving in to BLOKAD Crash Rated Static bollard

Enhanced Protection

BLOKAD Static Bollard range hardens perimeters and protects people and assets.

Providing the attack mitigation needed in today's climate, while fitting the modern aesthetics desired in public settings.  

  • Protect your Facility and the Public Against Vehicular Attacks
  • Reduce Pedestrian Vulnerability
  • Reliably Stop and Immobilize Threats
  • Flexible Bollard Spacing
  • Three Certified Ratings to Choose From

PAS 68 Crash-Tested

BLOKAD static bollard range is independently tested and certified to PAS 68 criteria, integrating seamlessly into existing security provisions. 

Technical Details

Model Height Diameter (A) Foundation Depth (B) Wall Thickness PAS 68 Classification
BLOKAD Static 30 1 m 219 mm 600 mm 10 mm 2007 V/7500(N3)/48/90:0.0/0.0
BLOKAD Static 40 1 m 273 mm 750 mm 10 mm 2007 V/7500(N3)/64/90:3.3/0.0
BLOKAD Static 50 1 m 273 mm 750 mm 16 mm 2007 V/7500(N3)/80/90:10.6/11.1


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Zero Penetration

Certified to stop a 7,500 kg truck with no penetration past the wedge.

The vehicle is completely immobilized, removing the possibility of a second ram attempt and maintaining the integrity of surrounding buildings and infrastructure. 

Lorry driving in to BLOKAD Crash Rated Static bollard

Access Control Range

Compatible crash-rated gates, wedges and bollards are available to fortify your complete perimeter including entry and exit points.


We can create bespoke products and combinations to suit your specifications


  • Oil and Gas
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Borders
  • Military Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Diplomatic Facilities


Product Features

  • Single Bollard Hit
  • Three Crash Rating Options
  • High Tensile Strength Steel S355
  • Custom Colors Available on Request


  • Protects against vehicular attacks
  • Reliably stop and immobilize threats
  • Reduce pedestrian vulnerability
  • Flexible bollard spacing

BLOKAD S combinations

This is frequently combined with the following:


Deter attacks, reduce possible injury to people and damage to assets.


Fortify access control points with BLOKAD 7G crash-rated gate


Reliable protection of access points in high-risk environments


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