Access Control Wedges


Reliable protection of access points in high-risk environments
BLOKAD wedge

PAS 68 Crash Tested

Defend entry and exit points against vehicle-borne threats.
PAS68 Crash-tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, providing reliable, versatile protection of access points in high-risk environments.
Fortify your entry and exit points with minimal intrusion to your surroundings, fast installation, and easy operation. 

Hydraulic Powered Vehicle Access Control
  • Access point protection
  • Stops and immobilizes threats
  • Low excavation requirements
  • Fast Installation



Zero Penetration

Certified to stop a 7,500kg truck with zero penetration, the BLOKAD wedge gives you high protection at your most vulnerable locations. With a shallow foundation of only 800mm, the minimal excavation requirements avoid interference with existing utility infrastructure. 

Technical Details



Active height above ground Foundation depth Foundation width Foundation length
1100mm 800mm 3280mm 5700mm
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Threats Immobilized

In less than six seconds BLOKAD wedge is fully raised, not only stopping heavy vehicles but immobilizing them and preventing further attack. Coming fully factory assembled and with minimally invasive installation, protection comes at the push of a button. With an inbuilt heater and drainage to prevent freezing, and the option to operate manually without power, BLOKAD Wedge is ever-ready.



  • High-risk buildings
  • Banks
  • Corporate offices
  • Retail developments
  • Medical and laboratory facilities

Product Features

  • PAS 68 Crash-tested
  • Minimal 800mm foundation
  • Fully factory assembled
  • integrated heating and drainage
  • Push button or manual operation


  • Reliable protection of access points
  • Stops and immobilizes threats
  • Fast installation
  • integrates into existing security
  • Remains fully functional in almost all conditions

BLOKAD Wedge combinations

This is frequently combined with the following:


Surface-Mount Barrier Ideal for Loss Prevention

FutureWEDGE® 3600

Crash-Tested Flush-Surface Barrier


Fortify your perimeter with crash rated protection.


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