The Guardiar Solution

We are a highly specialized group of security advisors and experts. Guardiar provides visionary thinking and perimeter security solutions for the people and companies that shape tomorrow. We’re a nimble and agile business… smarter products, smarter people, smarter solutions.

Guardiar delivers stakeholder value through a one source service combined with superior security knowledge.

Perimeter Protection

“There is no security without physical security” Thomas L Norman, CPP, PSP, CSC.

Evidence shows that a robust physical perimeter is crucial to strengthening the security of high-risk facilities.

Our comprehensive knowledge of physical security design ensures a solid base from which we deliver an optimal integrated security solution.

Security Management System

A single interface designed to seamlessly integrate surveillance, lighting, detection and access control subsystems providing control of the total perimeter security solution.

A dependable security management system enables control room operators and security response teams to make informed and accurate decisions. This increases their effectivity and probability of preventing or stopping a breach attempt.