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NATO STANAG Tested Pre-Detonation Screen
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Extreme Protection

Our pre-detonation screen is designed to protect your assets and your people by pre-detonating an RPG before it can reach its target. Used as an added layer of protection, it acts as the main area of impact and pre-detonation, reducing potential damage.

  • Effective detonation before it can reach its target
  • Independently tested to NATO STANAG 2280 standards
  • Modular configuration
  • Reduces potential damage
  • Straight forward assembly


Independently tested to NATO STANAG 2280 standards, it provides effective detonation of explosives with minor damage to the screen, providing continued protection of the asset after the first detonation.


Modular Configuration

Each panel is 2m wide by 2m high providing flexible configuration options to achieve the desired screen surface area for optimal protection. Replacement of a damaged panel is simple and cost effective. Replacement of fixators and posts are not required, unless these parts were damaged by a detonation.



  • Oil & Gas
  • Military & Defense
  • Nuclear & Energy

Product Features

  • Modular Configuration with 2x2m panels
  • Effective detonation before it can reach its target
  • Independently tested to NATO STANAG 2280 standards
  • Straight forward assembly


  • Robust protection
  • Reduces potential damage
  • Rapid replacement
  • Continued protection even after first detonation


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