Protecting the Public Sector

FutureWEDGE 3100 access control barriers outside building

Seamless protection of people

Our range of static and retractable bollards deliver aesthetically pleasing, yet reliable protection of public spaces, walkways, and entry areas. By creating a 'stand-off', they provide the benefit of restricting vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian movement.

Rapid deployment temporary barrier

The Betafence Publifor® HVM mobile crash barrier is ideal for international and local events such as summits and sports fixtures and for quick cordoning off of sensitive areas when instant hostile vehicle protection or crowd control is needed.

Tested to international standards it is certified to stop a truck traveling at 64 km/h within 3.5 m.  Installed using a forklift and filled with substrate on-site it is fast and simple to deploy and re-deploy. Up to 25 m can be installed in an hour.

access control wedge in city

Crash-rated wedges

Wedges provide a discreet yet highly effective solution to hostile vehicle mitigation. With various crash ratings and mounting options, we can integrate a product that meets the needs of your environment as part of a holistic security solution. 

Securifor 358 dublo

Clear demarcation of perimeters

As part of our perimeter solutions, we work with the leading fencing manufacturer in the industry to complete our design.

Betafence is known for its quality and stoic approach to delivering protection through its high-security products.

Educational Facilties

We work across the full scope of the public sector, including educational facilities. Taking into account the need for a reassuring learning environment against modern legislative requirements and evolving threats, we can form a complete security solution from concept to completion. 

Outside lockers at a school
Sitari CCTV case study

Sitari Country Estate

Our integrated security solution protects the residents of the Southern Hemisphere's largest security estate. Following an extensive 2 year security consulting process and supplier selection, Guardiar (then part of Betafence) was commissioned to design and fashion an integrated perimeter security solution to specifically meet the estate’s requirements.

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We understand the complex needs of the public sector, from sidewalks to schools, pavillions to prisons, we can find the right look and protection for your premises.