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GSAS Thermal cameras in school reception


The Steubenville City School District has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Ohio and a student body of more than 2,500 individuals. With COVID-19 threatening to seriously impact the new school year, many schools have been forced to offer online learning to ensure the safety of their students, educators, and staff.


The Challenge

Steubenville City Schools were determined to welcome back students and offer as much normality as possible in uncertain times.

Key factors

  • 2,500 Pupils to protect
  • Five sites across the district
  • High foot traffic of up to 3,000 per day
GSAS Camera functions on screen in school

Safety First

The district’s main concern was temperature screening at building entrances.

The option of having staff members manually take temperatures for each person entering the school would not only put the staff at risk but would also be an excruciatingly slow process, taking valuable time away from kids learning in their classrooms.

Modern Solutions

Our solution was non-contact thermal cameras that measure body temperatures without physical contact.

 This offers a safe and convenient way for screening large groups of children, staff, educators, and visitors daily with virtually no disruption to routine. 

GSAS Camera functions on screen

Key Benefits

  • Non-intrusive temperature measurement using thermal camera technology
  • Quick and easy installation and relocation, if needed
  • Monitoring for high temperature (>100° F) without affecting the flow of people

Guardiar’s thermal body temperature monitoring system can screen 30 people per second, with an alarm sounding when a preset temperature threshold is recorded.

The automatic alert function immediately sounds an alarm when a trigger point is reached, allowing staff members to monitor the situation from a safe distance and react quickly when necessary.

Introducing Shield

A sophisticated suite of software, cameras and advanced sensors offering a diversified security solution.

Shield is an integrated, easy to install and scalable solution to Anticipate threat, dramatically false alarms with proactive in tracking of assets and intruders.

GSAS CCTV security camera on building

“Our main concern was how we were going to staff the entries in each of the buildings to take temperatures of each and every student, janitor, teacher, and parent who would enter the building on a daily basis. As soon as we saw the demo of Guardiar, we knew that would solve the problem.”

Sam Turrentine, Director of Public Relations


All Steubenville City Schools’ buildings are open. The option of using online learning is available, and in-person student attendance is going strong.

  • 5 schools; 1 district
  • System scans 30 people per second
  • More than 3,000 scans per day
  • 2,500 children safely back in their classrooms

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