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Combining product innovation and expertise to provide turnkey security solutions

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Specializing in Protecting High-Risk Sectors

We specialize in developing and implementing sector-specific solutions to meet unique requirements. We combine market-leading products and technologies to defend and protect high-risk industries such as oil & gas, energy and utility sites, data centers and other critical infrastructure, mitigating risk and protecting against security threats.

Access Control

By assessing your access requirements alongside your potential threats, we can implement custom solutions for your project.

Our expert team will ensure the system will continue to protect your site over its lifetime.

FurtureWEDGE 3600

Fortify your Perimeter

The physical perimeter is an important component when designing an optimal security solution; your first line of defense. From welded mesh, crash rated fences and bowed fence systems to rapid deployment perimeters and double mesh panels. If it doesn't exist, we'll design it.