Protecting Solar Farms

Guardiar helps to plan, supply and arrange installation of GSAS surveillance devices equipped with cyber security capabilities
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Setting up a solar farm involves enormous capital investment, given the high cost of solar panels. The cumulation of solar panels at a given site makes it a lucrative target. The payback period for these panels can easily be more than eight years which makes security a prime challenge.

Modern-day security challenges also include cyberattacks that disrupt the day-to-day operations of a solar farm. Ensure an unhindered supply of power from your solar farm with GSAS security.

What We Offer:

  • Assistance to plan a suitable security solution for solar farms.
  • An integrated security solution - GSAS - complete with thermal cameras, PTZ cameras, RADARs and access control devices such as smart card readers, fingerprint readers, wedges, and bollards.
  • Defender cyber security for all GSAS devices.
  • Help to arrange site installation.

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With 100+ years of experience in perimeter protection, Guardiar understands these security challenges. Guardiar has launched GSAS security solution - a combination of physical security fence from Betafence and modern-day surveillance and access control devices unified into a single system.

GSAS computer screens monitoring cameras

Thermal Cameras

When it comes to monitoring a large area 24/7, our thermal PTZ cameras are highly effective and operate efficiently even during the night and in low-visibility conditions. These devices are powered with AI and can forward automated security updates actively in real-time. Devices under GSAS (Global Situational Awareness System) come with Defender cyber security module, which shields them from cyber-attacks.

Perimeter Fencing

The importance of traditional perimeter fencing has only risen over the years. Our fences can stand the test of time, and they come with a 10-year warranty. Guardiar sources its GSAS perimeter fences from its sister brand Betafence, which has been manufacturing high-quality fences for the past 135+ years.

Betafence securing what matter fencing
SENTRY Crash rated Retractable Bollards

Automated Access Control

From entry to exit, secure every zone of your solar farm from unwanted access with GSAS. Guardiar offers ASTM certified bollards, wedges and gates to govern vehicular and people entry. Combined with the GSAS cameras, these entry points can be automated to trigger during any security mishap.

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