Protecting Residential Communities

Active perimeter protection and smart access control for gated communities
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People and Asset Safety

At Guardiar, we understand that the very concept of a residential community revolves around people safety. Protect the estate from theft, intrusion, and vandalism with modern security solution from Guardiar.

We offer a combination of conventional fences to complex security components, seamlessly integrated to function as one system.

We will work with you to design the best possible solution that fits your specific security needs. Let us take care of your security, so you can enjoy your home.


We Offer:

  • Dedicated teams in your region
  • A wide range of hardware configured to your needs
  • Easy set-up with minimal downtime
  • A simple, unified interface for security management

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Active Perimeter Protection

With 100+ years of experience, we are the market leaders in perimeter protection. Our high-quality fences are actively monitored by our Global Situational Awareness System (GSAS). GSAS consists of AI-powered surveillance devices that alert the authorized personnel of any improper activity at the perimeter in real-time. Where conventional cameras struggle to operate under low-visibility situations, Guardiar thermal and night-vision cameras ensure 24/7 protection under any environmental condition.

Automated Access Control

Automation can ensure efficient operation at the estate entry/exit points with minimal human effort. All-electric barriers and bollards from Guardiar can be coupled with the GSAS system and automatically triggered whenever any unauthorized vehicle attempts to enter the estate. Guardiar also offers RFID card, fingerprint, and facial recognition systems to give you full control of who enters, and when.

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Ease of Use

Every residential estate is different and has its own security needs. Keeping this in mind, Global Situational awareness System (GSAS) has been developed with a modular plug-and-play design which can be adapted to different requirements. The Shield software provides a single interface to monitor, control, alert and record various aspects of security at your fingertips. It can be accessed easily with a PC client, a mobile app, or a web browser.

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