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Beyond the Perimeter

Anticipate and mitigate threat before it reaches you
Detection radar near perimeter fence

A proactive approach to protection

Stopping threats in their tracks is something we're known for. We even identify and halt potential threats before they can reach you.

We take a technology-driven, proactive approach to protection that gives our customers and their clients true peace of mind.

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Drone shot of solar panels

Beyond the line of sight

Not just beyond the perimeter, but beyond the line of sight. We utilize the latest in thermal imaging and radar technology to recognize even the most covert threats, and complete your protection.


We look beyond the accepted limitations of security, finding custom solutions for each unique challenge you bring us.

Total protection

Our systems detect and verify any form of attempted intrusion, acting as your second line of defense. The alarm is raised and can be set to trigger a series of events to ensure a swift, effective response. Integrated with lighting and CCTV, it provides complete accuracy to identify potential threats.


Holistic protection solutions can... 


  • Detect threats before they reach you 
  • Accurately verify threat levels
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Protect the integrity of physical security
  • Bring down long-term costs

Guardiar successfully managed the complete project including the various sub-contracted installers within the expected timeframe

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As a total solutions provider, we take care of things. From concept to construction and competition, you can know that your project is moving in the right direction at all times.

We even help in ways you might not have thought possible, such as creating bespoke products or spreading the cost.