Access Control Wedges

FutureWEDGE® 2400

Crash-Tested Surface-Mounted Barrier
FutureWEDGE 2400-access control car barrier

Surface Mounted Installation

Features easy and simple installation with its bolt down, surface-mounted design. No need for excavation and other costly construction requirements. FutureWEDGE® 2400 series is laid into place and can be operational within one working day minimizing costs, lane closures and operation downtime.

A Stand Alone Vehicle Access Control System
  • Surface Mounted Design
  • Multiple Control Options
  • Integrated Gate Arm
  • Stand Alone System

ASTM-PU40 Crash Ratings

Provides effective protection against unauthorized vehicle entry and exit attempts, making it ideal for parking and car rental facilities. The barrier features a wide range of operational options depending on your traffic scenario and specific security requirements.

Technical Details

Product # Foundation Depth Plate Height** Road Width ASTM Crash Rating
SMS 2408 0" 24” (610mm) 11’ (3.35m) ASTM-PU40 5,070 lbs. @ 40 mph*
SMS 2410 0" 24” (610mm) 13’ (3.96m) ASTM-PU40 5,070 lbs. @ 40 mph*
SMS 2412 0" 24” (610mm) Up to 15’ (4.57m) ASTM-PU40 5,070 lbs. @ 40 mph*

*2,300kg. @ 65kmph
**31” H Plate also available

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Built for Integration

The FutureWEDGE® 2400 utilizes sophisticated PLC and VFD drives for customized operation and communication. The PLC easily integrates the barrier with other perimeter security systems such as speed detection, access controls, traffic loops, automatic doors, CCTV, gates, and other intrusion detection devices.

FutureWEDGE 2400
FutureWEDGE 2400

All-Electric Operation

The FutureWEDGE® 2400 features an all-electric drive with no hydraulic or hazardous fluids, making it an  environmentally preferable choice. Common break downs and worn components associated with traditional   hydraulic systems are drastically reduced. The electro-mechanical drive delivers smooth, quiet and trouble-free operation and reduces maintenance significantly.


  • Car Rental Facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Corporate Buildings
  • College Campuses
  • Federal Buildings
  • Municipalities
  • Courthouses
  • Stadiums -Airports

Product Features

  • Removable/Re-deployable
  • Integrated LED Safety Lights
  • Integrated Gate Arm
  • Stand Alone System
  • EPU Control In Buttress (Option)
  • Power-Loss Manual Operation
  • Anti-Corrosive Coating
  • SkidKOTE Anti-Skid Platel


  • One Day/Low Cost Installation
  • All Electric Environmentally Preferable
  • Easily Integrated
  • PLC/VFD Controlled
  • Multiple Control Options
  • EPA Friendly/Pollution Free
  • Reduced Maintenance

FutureWEDGE® 2400 combinations

This is frequently combined with the following:


Crash-Rated Static Bollard


Crash-Rated Retractable Bollard


NATO STANAG Tested Pre-Detonation Screen


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