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Shallow Foundation Crash-Rated Protection
SideWALK Shallow foundation crash protection bollard on sidewalk

Shallow Foundation

SideWALK® Bollards were developed to overcome the installation challenges commonly found in metropolitan and urban environments where underground infrastructure and utilities restrict excavation. Standard crash-rated bollards typically require foundation depths of up to 4’ to achieve desired crash ratings. SideWALK® Bollard requires only 9” to deliver a M50 (K12) rating.

  • Shallow 9” Foundation
  • Anti-Ram Protection
  • Low Cost Installation
  • Adaptive to Grade Changes


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Flexible Installation

The SideWALK® Bollard Series consists of individual bollards that are easy to install even when the terrain causes each of the bollards to change slope and grade. This is a unique design for shallow foundation crash-rated bollards compared to typical sled designs comprising bollard sets. It allows for flexible bollard installation around typical obstructions.

Technical Details

Product # Depth Height Diameter Crash Rating
SWB 3608-4 9” 36” 8” ASTM-M30 (K4) 15,000 lbs.@ 30 mph*
SWB 3610-8 10” 36” 10” ASTM-M40 (K8) 15,000 lbs.@ 40 mph**

SWB 3610-12




Engineered to
ASTM-M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs.@ 50 mph***

SWB 4210-12 9” 42” 10” ASTM-M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs.@ 50 mph***

*6800 kg. @ 48 kph; **6800 kg. @ 64 kph, ***6800 kg. @ 80 kph

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Pedestrian Friendly

The main benefit of choosing SideWALK® Bollards to create a stand-off is the ability to restrict vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian access. The SideWALK® Bollards are designed to meet ADA spacing requirements while maintaining the site-specific crash rating.


Decorative Designs

The SideWALK® series stands alone in the industry, with its wide range of aesthetically-pleasing options. The most common aluminum styles can be powder coated to a range of colors and textures including lighting and reflective safety stripes. Stainless steel options can add architectural decor to your facility.

SideWALK Decorative Sleeves


  • Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Urban Environments
  • Data Centers
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • College Campuses
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Embassies

Product Features

  • Shallow 9” Foundation
  • Anti-Ram Protection
  • Reliable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Decorative Options
  • Various Finishing Options
  • Three Crash Rating Options
  • Flexible Spacing


  • Avoid Underground Utilities
  • Low Cost Installation
  • Protect Pedestrians and Perimeters
  • Design Your Own Solution
  • Can be Used in Plant Boxes
  • Adaptive to Grade Changes

SideWALK® combinations

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