Crash Rated Perimeter Solutions


Anti-ram barrier system for protecting critical assets and people
BLOKAD Crash Rated High Security fence with vehicle

Hardened Perimeter

Guardiar’s crash-rated barriers act as an outer barrier to harden the perimeter against threats. It provides delay or acts as a deterrent for increased protection.

We rigorously test our products to ensure a lifetime of protective use and ultimate peace of mind. 

Fortify your perimeter with crash rated protection.
  • ASTM F2656-15 M50 P1 (K12) & M40 P1 (K8) certified
  • M50/M40/M30 in P1/P2/P3 confi guration
  • Cost effective & long distance spacing
  • Reliable 3 cable solution
  • Shallow mount option available


ASTM F2656-15 Crash-Tested

The highest rating (M50 P1) is certified to stop a vehicle of 15000 lbs at speeds up to 50 mph with intrusions lower than 3.3 ft (P1).


Technical Details

ASTM Certification Test Vehicle Weight Nominal Impact Speed Penetration Rate in feet.
M50 P1/P2/P3 15,000 lbs. 50 mph P1<=3.3  |   P2<=23   |   P3<=98.5
M40 P1/P2/P3 15,000 lbs. 40 mph P1<=3.3  |   P2<=23   |   P3<=98.5
M30 P1/P2/P3 15,000 lbs. 30 mph P1<=3.3  |   P2<=23   |  P3<=98.5


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Complete Protection

Compatible crash-rated gates, wedges and bollards are available to fortify your complete perimeter including entry and exit points.

Blokad CRHS forms a vital element of your total security solution. 


Robust Design

Our three cable and clamp system is a tried and tested, reliable design that is both anti-ram and crash-rated while remaining cost-effective. The fast and simple installation avoids underground utilities, making it ideal for inner-city environments.

A. Terminal posts

B. Line posts

C. 3 Cables

D. Intermediate line for fence post

(if integrated within the fence system)



  • High traffic areas
  • High profile buildings
  • Large scale construction


Product Features

  • Three cable system
  • Multiple ratings
  • Shallow mount option


  • Choice of product to suit location
  • Compatible with other protection
  • Reliable system

BLOKAD CRHS combinations

This is frequently combined with the following:


Fortify your perimeter with crash rated protection.


Fortify access control points with BLOKAD 7G crash-rated gate


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