Access Control Gates


Fortify access control points with BLOKAD 7G crash-rated gate
BLOKAD 7 meter sliding gate

Effective Protection

Guardiar’s 7-meter sliding gate, BLOKAD 7G provides highly effective protection against vehicular attacks aimed at entry points.

PAS 68 Crash Tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Protects your facility and your people against unauthorized entry attempts
  • Reliably stops and immobilizes threats
  • PAS 68 tested and certified
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with electrification & detection
HIGH 10 year ASTM

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PAS 68 Crash-Tested

BLOKAD 7G sliding gate is independently tested and certified to PAS 68 criteria with classification: (V/7500/80/90:0.0/2.6).

Technical Details

Opening Standard Gate Height Foundation Depth
7 m (275.6") 2.4 m (94") Include wire toppings 3.45 to 4 m (135.8 to 157.5") 1.2 m (47.3")
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Zero Penetration

Certified to stop a 7,500 kg truck with no penetration past the gate. The vehicle is completely immobilized and does not create an opening in the gate during impact. This removes the possibility of a second ram attempt.


Optional Control Systems

Vehicle detector loops, safety photocells, and safety edges combined with audible alarms and flashing beacons reduce the risk of accidental damage.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Industry & Chemical
  • Military
  • Nuclear & Energy
  • Border control
  • Large scale construction

Product Features

  • Operating speed: 0.25 m/s
  • Duct work for electrical connections in foundation
  • Electric controls
  • 1 or 3 phase power supply
  • Gate controller interface
  • Manual override system and mains power supply isolator


  • Protects against unauthorized entry attempts
  • Reliably stop and immobilize threats
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compatible with electrification & detection

BLOKAD 7G combinations

This is frequently combined with the following:


Crash-Rated Access Control


Anti-ram barrier system for protecting critical assets and people


NATO STANAG Tested Pre-Detonation Screen


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